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Volume 30, Number 10

December 30, 2016

This issue features:

  • UPS Applies "Electrically-Assisted" Tricycle as Sustainable Option for Urban Package Delivery
  • City of Rochester, NY, to End Operation of Red Light Running Cameras Despite Significant Reduction in Injury Accidents
  • USDOT Issues Proposed Rulemaking for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications
  • City of La Mesa Applies Innovative Techniques in Downtown Streetscape Project
  • Bus Fare Payment by Smartphone Results in Boarding Time Reduction of 76 Percent
  • Wearing Badges When Using Transit May Result in Being Offered a Seat
  • First “Solar Panel Road” Opened in France
  • Los Angeles Contracts with Provider of Electric Car-Sharing Service
  • Dutch Operate Largest Electrically-Powered Fleet of Articulated Buses In Europe
  • Rochester, NY, to End Operation of Red Light Running Cameras
  • Transportation Tort Liability: Case in Review: New York Court of Appeals Weighs in on How Far Authorities Should Go to Stop Speeding
  • Survey: Characteristics of Planned and Operating Urban Gondola Systems
  • Updated Conference List
  • Requests for Proposals


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